پمپهاي پيچي


The pumps that the company Supplies, has various  utilization in power ,oil Refinery, Petrochemical ,Chemical , Water, Offshore , marine, mine plants industries . also these products has some utilization in non- industrial plants.

The product is categorized in some categories as follows:
• Centrifugal pumps

پمپ های سانتریفیوژی نیروگاهی

Main categories of this type of pumps are:
Multistage, Vertical, Horizontal, Split chamber, Process Application, Submersible, Booster, mono bloc

پمپهای خطوط انتقال نفت و گاز

 Diaphragm Pumps

پمپهای دیافراگمی

Screw Pumps

پمپهاي پيچي

Gear Pumps

پمپهاي دنده اي

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